Mobile Apps Development

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We all wish to keep our world at fingertips, where all the things are easy and quickly accessible, along with the functionality that we need. Mobile phone could be considered as the best invention ever to understand these requirements. In fact, mobile phones have shortened the gap between our worlds. And with the launch of smartphones (over a decade ago) in the market the revolution was just started. In other words, with the launch of smartphones and mobile OS (Operating System) such as Symbian,

the world soon understand the capabilities and potentialities of mobile; the demand for mobile development across the world and even in India was inevitable. Furthermore, smartphones such as iPhone and Android added fuel to the fire, as a result the demand for mobile apps has reached its peak stage. Now, in almost every industry and by almost every individual there is a requirement of mobile applications that help to manage their business, effectively.

Android Mobile App Development

Experienced and world class android app developers)
Excellent user interface designers
Cross device functionality across android devices
Cost effective development
Apps across a large number of categories
Android app marketing
Source code security with non-disclosure agreement

Mobile compatible Website with HTML5

Deal for viewing your static (fixed) content website in smart mobiles your existing website stays as it is. You are simply adding mobile version shouldn't ignore mobile internet users

Advantages of HTML5 Mobile Development & HTML5 Mobile Website
Availability of proper distribution channels that makes the development easy, fast and suitable for any platform.
Clean and consistent HTML code that can be transferred across the multiple environments by default.
Availability and use of CSS3 based and CSS3 style animation that helps to reduce the size of the app, improving its overall performance on any device.
Access to rich audio and video media through its native code only. Access towards advanced UI components.
Offline storage capabilities and support for geo location services.
Can be integrated with JavaScript and CSS3 to offer cross platform mobile development.